Fermat Heavy Duty Precision CNC Horizontal Boring Mills
Fermat Precision CNC Horizontal Boring Mills Table Type Horizontal Boring Machine - WFT 13 CNC

Horizontal Boring Mill WFT 13 CNC represents the newest technology and concept of table type horizontal borers that are currently available on the market. Thanks to the powerful headstock design, high axial forces delivered and the most precise table in its category,  the Fermat WFT 13 can fulfill the needs of the most demanding customers.

Because of its modern engineering, the WFT 13 is a universal boring and milling machine that allows efficient processing of large and heavy workpieces while utilizing high precision and quality of operation.

Machine parameters:

Control systems - Fanuc 31imb / Heidenhain iTNC 530/ Siemens 840D 

Quality CNC systems provide easy manipulation of the machine and many useful functions for the user.

Machine Axes-

WFT 13 offers four linear and one rotary axis travel (X, Y, Z, W and B). A full servo rotary table option allows  continuous B-axis rotation (contouring) simultaneously with X, Y, Z, or W axes.During  metal cutting, the column of the machine adopts Z-axis movement and the workpieces are clamped on a rotary table that travels in X-axis.The Y-axis ball screw (diameter 80 mm), rigid column and powerful headstock, further contribute to the precision and rigidity of the machine. Other features such as Heidenhain linear scales, standard spindle thermal monitoring system, and no slip stick rotary table contribute to the high degree of accuracy.

Machine Design

Modular design lets our customers configure the machine to their requirements.

  • X-axis travel from 1 500 to 5 000 mm
  • Y-axis travel from 1 700 mm to 3 500 mm
  • Z-axis travel 1 200 mm, or 1 700 mm for Y-axis from 1 700 mm to 2 500 mm
  • Z-axis travel 1 500 mm or 2 000 mm for Y-axis 3 000 mm and 3 500 mm

CNC rotary table is offered in three dimensions

  • 1 600 x 1 800 mm
  • 1 800 x 2 200 mm with maximum table load 15 tons
  • 2 000 x 2 400 mm with maximum table load 25 tons

All components of the machine are from renowned manufacturers.

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