One of the UK's best known machining centre brands, Dah Lih were established over 60 years ago and have been sold since the early 1980s.

With a wide range of vertical, horizontal and 5 axis options to choose from the Dah Lih philosophy of building extremely robust and high specification machine tools at very competitive prices ensures Dah Lih continues to be one of the UK's best sellers.


29th April1960, Mr. CHUANG CHING-CHANG, Former president and the founder of DAHLIH Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. started his venture from single lathe to process mechanical parts and repair machinery. In 1965 a 410 square meter land was purchased and DAHLIH machine works established with the capital of NT$5,000. Began to manufacture milling machine in 1961 and started its export business to Asian countries during 1968. During 1977 factory was moved to second plant with 13,500 square meter area.

DAHLIH won the quality control certificate from the TAIWAN Government and followed by excellence award from the government during 1980. From then DAHLIH won CE Award during 1995 and EMC award during 1997. In 2003 moved to a new plant with a production area of 30,000 Square meters.