Kao Ming started out producing rotary arm drilling beds. Under the leadership of Director Chang, the company reoriented to end-to-end vertical integration, and the company began with its own development, production, marketing, and sales. The hard work, professionalism, and serious attitude of all the colleagues are reflected in the company’s innovative development, high quality, and efficient production.

This company culture allowed Kao Ming to rapidly become the leader of Taiwan’s gantry type processing center. Kao Ming also became the first Taiwan vendor to enter the Chinese market.

Currently, the company has sales locations across Europe, the Americas, and Asia. These locations provide customers with comprehensive and fast service. This company has always maintained the philosophy of “Doing it right the first time,” and always deliver our precision machines to customers on time. Our care, compassion, and attention to detail allow Kao Ming Machinery to always maintain the highest competitiveness.

Social Responisiblity

KAO MING never gives up taking social responsibility and we invest more resources to involve in environment protection, social welfare and consumer rights. Before we built in branch office in Central Taiwan Science Park, we evaluate environment impact report. After building, we continue to do environment protection. Facing Green House effect clause climate change, it is very obvious to influence in the world. Thus, we design our factory’s construction with saving energy, it can reduce carbon emission and decrease the global greenhouse effect.